It can be hard Figuring out what’s Going on Alone.

You can get help at Need A Psych? We can work through those Difficult Questions together.

Things can get Better

There is hope. Come and Talk to us and change things from what they are to something Better.

Do you Need someone to Talk to?

Then you Need A Psych for some Individual Counselling

Are you a Couple that wants more out of your Relationship?

Then you Need A Psych for some Couples Counselling

Do you want to know what’s going on?

Then you Need A Psych to Conduct an Assessment

Got a file you’re not sure about?

Then you Need A Psych to conduct a file review


When you need to be sure of the diagnosis, Need a Psych can produce a medico-legal level assessment to meet your needs.

File Reviews

If you already have a file and are not sure of what has been done on it, Need A Psych can review and advise for a better outcome.


Don’t waste years in a rough patch - Need A Psych can help change your relationship to the one you really want.


A friend or family member may say "You Need A Psych!" Or maybe "Do you need to talk to someone about that?"